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I am NOT one label

Updated: Apr 19

Be your authentic self

As I start to describe Authentic Essential to people, I find myself trying to put a label on it. However, as soon as I do, it just doesn’t sit right with me. To be completely honest, I have been a person who looks at “mindfulness”, “consciousness”, “wellness”, “self-help” and all that with a bit of a side eye. In fact, I used to believe that people who emanate peace were ingenuine and putting up a facade, as I strongly identified with my very emotional and somewhat chaotic personality, and it would force me to confront the restlesness in me.

The reason I am telling you this is not because I am judging myself, but because I used to. I was unaware that I was projecting that judgement, and that it was a reflection only of myself. Therefore, I want you to know that here, you are truly free of judgement. When you question things, or have an opposing view, or feel like “you don’t get it” when reading something (and trust me, I’ve felt that a lot), know that you can do that, and that nobody here is pretending to be perfect. What we want to practise here is peace, not perfection. (And sooner or later, you’ll discover that actually, with peace comes perfection - that you already are perfect.)

Therefore, I do not want to put Authentic Essential in a box, wrap it up and put a shiny bow on it. I want it to be an open display where people can come and add their own input, comparable to a beautiful antique shop window that is ever-changing. One you can’t help but stop and stare at, eventually deciding to go in and exchange your own precious item to gain new wisdom from another. 

I do not believe that we need to be polarised, that we are either this OR that and nothing in between. I am not one brand, buzzword or category. I am an avid advocate for change, which is why I may not always write the same, think the same, or feel the same way. I am here to simply be in all my forms and phases, and I would love nothing more than for this to help you just be, too.

So, whether you are side-eyeing, contemplating, or this is resonating with you in some way, I truly hope you stick around. To finish, I would always like to offer some questions and affirmations to help us on this journey to discover what is essential for our authentic beings. Please feel free to comment your answers and thoughts, as this is a process of imperfection for us to be on together.

Questions: How would I describe myself in three words? Do these words reflect my authentic self? Am I living as my most authentic self?

Affirmations: I am open and ready to be my most authentic self. I am multifaceted, and accept myself at all of my stages.

Yours Authentically,



Rose Constantine
Rose Constantine

Love it <3

Authentic Essential
Authentic Essential

Gorgeous girl! Love you<3

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