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I DO have something special to offer

“Ugh, everyone these days think they can…” - finish the sentence with whatever you have heard people complaining about recently. I’ve certainly heard people commenting on how “everyone thinks they are entitled to give advice” or “everyone thinks they can start a podcast” or “everyone thinks they are an influencer”. Meanwhile, I wish everyone would believe in themselves enough to do these things if that’s what their hearts desire.

I have something special to offer the world

Everyone should think they can fulfil whatever dreams they hope to achieve (excluding the malevolent, of course). However, unfortunately opinions such as the above coming from the outer world may be the least of our worries, since predominantly it’s the voice inside of our heads that stops us from authentically spreading our inner light. I have struggled with believing in myself for years, and I still do. Even when I write with the pure intention that my words would resonate with at least one person and make their life a little bit better, I feel like a bit of a fraud. I mean, who am I to be telling you anything? What are my experiences and thoughts in comparison to those much wiser and more accomplished than me?

If we think like that, though, we should also question if anyone is qualified to tell anyone anything, as there is always someone else to compare to. The thing is, there is no comparison, because no matter who you are, what age, or what life situation, we are all connected, but each of us has something special to share with the world, too. Just by being yourself, you are already providing this Earth with something special and unique. Even if there are hundreds of people already doing what you want to do, nobody will do it quite like you. You have something special to offer the world, and don’t let your mind (or anybody else’s) convince you otherwise.

Questions: Is there something you are feeling called to do? Are you allowing your own mind or other’s opinions stop you from doing it? What steps could you take to start working towards your dreams?

Affirmations: I have something special to offer. I am one of a kind, and I spread my authentic light wherever I go.

Yours Authentically,



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