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I AM able to just be

I have been talking a lot about the art of being, but it just dawned on me… I haven't focused on the most important - how to just be. So, I've decided to share with you my practices, my favourite ways of getting out my mind and into my being. Emphasis on my practices, as these are purely what I have found to work for myself - each individual is different and may have a manner that better suits them. However, I hope this inspires you to explore your own ways of being.

Now, let me start by saying that just being isn't always easy, but it is simple. Our minds will often tell us that it is too difficult to quiet the noise, to feel complete peace, so we often don't even try. However, once we work through that part, we are past the most difficult. In fact, the actual act of being is the most simple, because we just are

Do you know that feeling when you're floating in water, feeling like gravity doesn't exist, surrounding sounds drown out, you only feel light (both in terms of the weight of your body, but also in the clarity of your mind)? That is just being. As a matter of fact, this is one of my favourite ways to just be. Nevertheless, I understand that we do not always have access to a pool, lake, or one of those sensory deprivation tank thingies… But the method that I apply when I'm on solid ground is similar. Bear with me here, because these have only ever been an abstract concept and I have never quite put to words my experience. Nonetheless, here's giving it a try:

By the ocean is a great place to just be
  1. You probably guessed it, but I start by taking a few deep breaths and focusing on my breathing. It all starts with breathing my friends. So simple, yet so powerful.

  2. I start shifting my awareness to my “inner body” or my “anchor”. For me, this is somewhere around my stomach, and it's a safe place where I intensely feel my being. 

  3. I then keep my focus on that inner being, and start viewing my mind as a seperate entity. In practical terms, I view where my brain is situated as my “mind” and where my stomach is as my “being”. By separating the two, I am able to view my mind as this “thing in my head” from a place of awareness. 

  4. As a result, I am able to observe any thoughts coming and going, but more importantly, I am able to shift my focus to my inner being. Basically, I am focusing my awareness on my awareness - on my being.

  5. I allow myself to just be, feeling the light starting to fill my whole body and mind.

Hold on a minute… Is what I just described…meditation? Well, in its own (and completely confusing) way, I suppose it is. However, I refrain from using the word “meditation”, as I always found it daunting, and I'm afraid it's become somewhat of a buzzword that frightens a fair amount of people. Furthermore, there are far more people with expertise and experience in this area that can safely guide you through meditation. I am merely offering you an alternative, one of my many ways of just being that does not require a label, in my opinion. And the beauty of it is, I do not need to be alone in a quiet space in a lotus position for this to work. I constantly connect with my being throughout the day whenever I catch myself being too much “in my head”.  

Instead of finishing with the usual questions and affirmations, today I would like to challenge you to try just being. If you tried my method, let me know how you feel after, or share any of your own ways of being in the comments.🤍

Yours Authentically,



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