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What is Authentic Essential?

As I was trying to define the purpose of Authentic Essential, I first wrote that it is about discovering what is essential for you to become your authentic self. However, something about that didn’t quite feel right, and I soon realised that it was because it’s not about becoming something else, but just being yourself - because you already are.

So, I am here to just be with you. To support you as you further discover the very essentials about yourself, underneath the noise of the thoughts, feelings, and the many complexities related to the human experience that may sometimes get in the way of that. I truly hope you join me on our journey to discover what is essential for us to be our authentic selves. I will be sharing my journey on the Blog as brief journal entries, but this is meant to be used as an interactive platform for you to use as your own reflective journal, too. 

Welcome to connect and just be🤍

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