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I am NOT my personality

Now, this is a tricky one, but please hear me out. You might be thinking, "Isn't that the whole point? That by true personality is my true being?". So, let's start by asking ourselves this first: What is my true personality?

I am not my personality, just my being is enough

Oftentimes we don't realise, but we have constructed a character of ourselves in our minds/egos that does not necessarily align with our being. Not to mention the character expectations that others have of us. I'll give you an example of myself. For as long as I can remember I have fed myself the narrative that I am "clumsy" and "impractical", and that a "logical way of thinking did not come naturally to me - that this is just who I am.

Little did I know, it was actually my ego telling me that as a means to protect myself. If that is just who I am, then why change? Why confront the fact that it might feel safe for me to hide behind that excuse in order to not get embarrassed in circumstances that I could have instead taken control of? See, once we attach ourselves too strongly to our mind's identity, we do not give ourselves space to grow or to live in our authentic being. This does not only apply for what we see as our "weaknessess", but also our strengths, the personality traits we attribute to ourselves straight off the bat if we are asked to describe ourselves, such as "funny", "friendly", "ambitious", "shy"...

Let's all create our own list of characteristics and consider how attached we are to them. Let's ponder - if one of them was taken away, e.g. the quality of being "funny", would you still hold as much value as a person? Would your friends still hang around on the days you were lacking humour - would you still have something to offer? The answer is, of course, that your being is enough (and please note that this has nothing to do with your value determined by others, but more on that later). If and when you change and your qualities evolve, you are still you. If you are rooted in your being, then there is no need to be attached to your mind's identity, and you are confident enough to grow in and out of your fixed "personality".

Question: List all of your personality traits. Remove them one by one. Ask: How attached am I to each one? How would I feel if I had to let one go? Which ones do I value the most and why? Which ones could I let go of and allow myself to evolve?

Affirmation: My identity is rooted in my being, and my being is enough.

Yours Authentically,



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