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I am NOT my past/future

Updated: Apr 19

I will start by oversimplifying a concept here; us humans tend to live in the past or future, when all we truly have is the present. This, in itself, is the answer to just being. But as this is such a profound topic, I will do as I have until now and explain it in reverse - what it means to NOT be present. 

We often attach our identities to the past, for example, using our past trauma to justify why we are the way we are or act the way we do. On the other hand, we may live so deeply in our fond memories of the past that we attach ourselves to them in order to avoid the present. Then again, we may be projecting ourselves into the future, planning every move carefully out of fear of taking the wrong step and upsetting our future self’s trajectory. Either way, the past and the future can be used to cover up your true being.

I'll give an example from my own life, an interpersonal relationship with someone close to me, who I had a complex past with. For years, I blamed this person for any arguments we had, and I perceived most of my problems to be caused by their treatment of me. However, the moment I realised I was using the past and the resentment I carried from it as an excuse for why our relationship was tumultuous, things started to change. Once I decided to take responsibility for my role in the relationship, and understood that it is not the past, but what I choose to do in the present that matters, let me tell you, the whole dynamic of our relationship changed for the better!

Once we remove past resentment, shame, and attachment, we are free to just be. This does not mean that our past carries no significance, but letting go of it and not letting it rule us gives us access to be in the present and take control of our lives - to be in touch with our authentic being right here, right now, in the only moment that truly matters/exists. 

Don't let your past stop you from living in the present

Questions: What is something from the past I have difficulties letting go of? How would it impact my life if it was no longer a part of my identity?

Affirm: I take responsibility for myself in the present. Being fully present gives me the power to live as my authentic self.

Yours Authentically,


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1 Comment

Rose Constantine
Rose Constantine
Apr 02


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