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I am NOT my job

Updated: Apr 19

your being is enough

Naturally, I would like to start my journal/blog/whatever you would like to call it, by somehow introducing myself. However, instead of simply telling you what is essential to my being, I've decided that it's perhaps simpler to begin by explaining what is NOT part of my authentic self. 

I recently shed something that could have been an integral part of my identity - being a teacher. For a while (almost 6 years) it became exactly that - my identity. My whole life, mind, and body (yes, it affected my physical health, too) revolved around it, so much so, that I felt it consumed all of me. However, once I left, it was as if I felt even more in touch with my true being. That was because I understood that, in fact, it was NOT part of my true identity. I realised I would be authentically me no matter what profession I choose. You could remove my job and I would still be

Furthermore, along with this revelation, I became aware that I could actually do whatever job I wanted, or do no job at all, or really choose to do anything in the world that I set my mind to. That's the power of being. Being your authentic self. Now, of course this is only one example of the many that I could give to demonstrate what is NOT part of me, but this is only the first step to find out what IS essential for our beings.

So, let's finish our by answering some questions: How strongly do I identify with my profession/life situation? How would I feel if that part of my identity was removed? What part(s) of me would be left?

and affirmations: I am more than my profession. There is value in who I am beyond what I do.

Yours Authentically,



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