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I am NOT just my actions

Last week, I wrote about other people's actions not defining our worth, but today I want to focus on how our own actions are not the sole determiners of our worth. I focused on the idea of “not being enough”, which really is an underlying theme in all of my writing, and also an underlying human condition that we all have - a default setting for most of us. It is also the very thing that stops us from truly living our most authentic lives.

Speaking of living authentically, you know who has mastered doing exactly that? Dogs. Haven’t you ever envied the life of a dog, looked at them and thought, “Man, I wish I could just sleep and eat and play like them…I wish I could just be”? And in their being, are they not just the most lovable creatures ever? Before you answer, my intention is not to start a dogs vs. cats debate here. I want to illustrate that regardless of whether you are a dog or a cat person, both of these animals are widely adored, not because of their actions, but simply for their being.

To provide another analogy (stay with me here, I’ve got a point…of sorts), I want to talk about one of my favourite films, Soul.  While watching it again for the 22nd time (and if you've seen it, that's a little reference to the character 22), I realised yet another reason why I love it so much. Not only does it remind us that it's the small things that make life worth living, but the message that it transmits is also that life is all about being, not just our actions. It is also a comforting reminder that you don't always need to know your purpose in life or have it all figured out - you just need to live.

My worth is more than just my actions

So, what if we could view ourselves the same way as dogs when it comes to their worth, and allow ourselves to live like 22 in the film Soul, without the idea of having to earn love through our actions or accomplishments? Take this as a reminder to rest in your being instead of always doing and trying to prove yourself through your actions. Because, my friends, when we are our authentic selves, our actions manifest from a place of peace and genuine compassion. When we are our authentic selves, we allow ourselves to truly live, to be present in all the small, beautiful, ugly, and special moments in life - to just be.

Question: How much do I rely on my actions to count my worth? What is one way that I can just be today without doing?

Affirmation: I allow myself to live my most authentic life. In my being, I am already worthy.

Yours Authentically,



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