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I AM appreciating the present

I’ve realised that my mind likes to have at least one fixed problem at all times. My mind is also very good at fooling me into thinking that the problem (which is usually just a thought) is part of my being. It disguises itself by changing forms, but really it’s just the same sh*t in a different package. This interferes with me being able to fully enjoy the present, as I am often predicting that if it hasn’t already, a problem will manifest itself in some way. In fact, the human brain naturally prefers to know that something bad is going to happen instead of accepting the uncertainty of the future.

Therefore, I have to remember to befriend my mind - to sit with that thought, say hi to it, and accept that it’s a part of my ego. But it’s just that - my ego. I can still be at peace with my being while the thought coexists. Think of it as an ex who you still have a good relationship with and who’s about to move out soon. You want to end things on a good note. There is no need to push it away, because I know that it will pass. However, there is also no reason to cling to it, because you know that it is not a part of you.

We can coexist - my mind and my being, while also allowing my awareness to focus on other things. I can still enjoy the present without letting the thought disturb me. I don’t even need to label it as a “problem”. I can observe it without judgement. It is there, passing through. I can just let it be, without making it a part of me. I can just be.

Question: Is worrying about something now going to change the outcome?

Affirmations: Only the present moment exists. I have the power not to label anything as “bad” or as a “problem”. No matter what lies ahead, I will be able to confront it as it comes. 

I can appreciate the present

Yours Authentically,



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