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I AM a work in progress

An analogy came to my mind as I was preparing my morning matcha latte. I have been trying to perfect it for quite a while now, and it has settled in as a delightful part of my morning routine. Somedays I use different techniques, other days different ingredients. Somedays it tastes heavenly and healthy, other days like glorified grass clippings. Somedays it works out, other days it doesn’t. 

But do you know what? Throughout this whole process, not once have I been frustrated with the outcome. In fact, even the failures have been enjoyable. Why? Because it’s a work in progress, and failing is part of the process. Because everytime I get it wrong, it’s guiding me towards getting it right. Because whenever I try something new that doesn’t work, I think, “At least next time I know what not to do”. So, why don’t I apply this to everything in life? Why can’t I accept my own failures the same way - as productive rather than counteractive? 

If we truly view life as a journey, we have nothing to worry about. On a journey, all parts are equally important - the mundane, the uncomfortable, the exciting… and we should be thankful for all of those experiences, as they are paving the path for us. We spend most of our time on the journey, not at the destination, so we might as well learn to enjoy the way there. In order to be the best versions of ourselves, surely we need to discover some worse versions along the way. 

I am a work in progress

We must also learn to find pride in the progress. I recently achieved a mini goal by following a set of rules that I created for myself in order to practise discipline and being proud of my accomplishments, no matter how small. Although I didn’t achieve “perfection”, it’s important that I still allow myself to be proud of the baby steps, and remind myself that it is not perfection that I should seek, but progress. Therefore, let’s not be too hard on ourselves - let’s celebrate the small wins as well as the failures. 

Question: What is something that I am proud of myself for?

Affirmation: I am a work in progress, and the process is perfect. I am proud of myself.

Yours Authentically,



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